I am keeping in mind exhortations for peace, especially Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s words, “Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.” As we commemorate the 37th anniversary of Salt II, Iran plans to build ten new uranium enrichment plants.   Many Americans have just celebrated Thanksgiving and Muslims from around the world have just made their Hajj to Mecca for Eid al-Adha.  So, this news has particular dissonance during the season of hope we’re entering that culminates with different faith-based traditions celebrating in their own way light at the darkest time of the year.  With other nations also pursuing similar ambitions, we are moving away from nuclear disarmament.  Mikhail Gorbachev spoke of this at the October 2009 UN conference on nuclear disarmament in Geneva saying there remain multiple obstacles to a nuclear-free world.   

At this season of Thanksgiving, I’m also thinking about those I know who are championing the most effective ways to improve the global economy, health, education, the environment and other critical issues that inextricably interconnect all of us and are vital for more peaceful world.  I welcome comments about what you’re working on for this purpose.

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  • Judith Hand January 5, 2010, 11:03 am

    I approach the issue of social/cultural transformation through the lens of an evolutonary biologist. The project that has picked me is the abolition of war. The essays on my project’s website (www.AFutureWithoutWar.org) explain why we make war, why we could abolish the behavior if we want to badly enough, what it would take to do it, and why it might be accomplished in a remarkably short period of time.

    There are many reasons why work to end war is the cause I believe can best result in a major paradigm shift toward a more egalitarian, just, ecologically sustainable, and nonviolent future….in other words, why a project to end war would be the catalyst for an enormous shift in our cultures I invite anyone interested to check out the website, which includes not only my essays on the subect but a blog and links to many organizations and more.


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