beCause Global Consulting provides a range of services including strategic action plans, leadership development, organizational change management and executive coaching.

beCause is led by Nadine B. Hack, known internationally for pioneering engagement leadership work using our proprietary framework called Strategic Relational Engagement.

Creating connectedness is at our core. beCause helps individuals and organizations connect to their core purpose, connect across silos in their organizations, and connect with external stakeholders, friendly and even adversarial, all based on building and sustaining trust.

View Nadine’s TEDx Adversaries to Allies. See her other videos on beCause Channel.

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Read Nadine’s Huffington Post articles outlining the benefits of our proprietary framework for strategic relational engagement.

Engagement Leadership and Enhanced Relationships: Fundamental to Sustaining Effective Business

Improving Stakeholder Engagement Increases Productivity, Profit and Sustainability

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