Clients and beCause Global Consulting co-create exact scope of work, which evolves in response to emerging client needs during engagement, including these core services:

Stakeholder Engagement

Develop and execute strategies to engage managers, employees, partners and even adversaries

Change Management

Support EXCOs and senior managers to cascade change throughout organizations

Leadership Development

Guide individuals and/or teams through self-discovery/growth, challenging assumptions

Executive Coaching

Provide one-on-one intensives and/or group facilitation during programs and/or ongoing

Strategic Action Plans

Co-design ambitious, achievable roadmaps with benchmarks for new or revitalized enterprises

Governance Structures

Clarify and/or modify roles and responsibilities at all layers of organization to achieve goals

Workplace Issues

Transparency, authority, agility, diversity, generational shifts from Baby Boomers to Gen Y

Social Responsibility

Integrate CSR into core business functions to obtain triple bottom line: people, profit, planet

Multi-Sector Partnerships

Align with needed partners to accomplish objectives in inter-connected world

Larger spectrum of services available via our extensive network of Global Associates, including:

Social Media Strategies

Maximize new technologies to enhance position and perception

Executive Search

Identify and secure diverse talent adapted to changing environment

Creative Communications

Create branding, marketing, presentation and design

Gender Equity

Instill activities that promote equal opportunities for talent

Integrated Sustainability

Realize benefits for human and environmental resources

Conflict Resolution

Mediate within organization and/or with externals

CEO Nadine B. Hack personally leads all client engagements. She also is available as a speaker for your board meetings, conferences and other special events. See some of her presentations on Insights page.

Visualize the big picture, break it into concrete action steps, achieve your goals
Connect to your purpose, connect to others, connect to success