Leaving lodging now to sounds of music coming from every direction and vendors in full swing everywhere: how wonderful to see Liberia returning to its past vitality after enduring such a devastating war.  While I know all people of this nation still are deeply traumatized, I am profoundly moved by everyone’s spirit of generosity and hope.  They so believe that with the US having a new administration, there is renewed promise for their nation.   We can not let them down: Liberia is a model of possibilities of post-conflict recovery, ripe with opportunity and fraught with challenges. We must encourage international support from nation-states, NGOs, the business community and the continued presence of the United Nations Mission in Liberia.  We can not allow this fragile nation’s gorgeous,  arduous capacity building to succumb to the  possible dangers of slipping backwards, which is a daily threat. Learn more about Liberia’s post conflict reconstruction and the life of Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf  and her role in Liberia’s post-conflict development in an excerpt of her memoir, “This Child Will Be Great”  And think about ways that you might contribute to reconstruction of Liberia with your political advocacy, in-kind services, financial support and other supportive actions.

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